Fennoscan Timber, AB - Company in Uppsala, Sverige - Allbiz
    Fennoscan Timber, AB - Company in Uppsala, Sverige - Allbiz
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    Fennoscan Timber, AB - Company in Uppsala, Sverige - Allbiz

    Fennoscan Timber, AB, Uppsala

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    Fennoscan Timber, AB, Uppsala
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    Сompany address: Uppsala, Sverige
    Sylveniusgatan 2
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    Om företaget Fennoscan Timber, AB

    Fennoscan Timber AB was founded in 1973 and is operating worldwide with forest products. Timber business is a matter of confidence and therefore the company is managed by highly trained, experienced and motivated timber specialists. Main markets are Europe, Russia, North Africa, Middle East and Asia. Your reliable manufacturer and Exporter in Sweden with partners in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Russia and North America. Branch office in Bangkok/Thailand. Fennoscan is dealing with high quality timber and timber related products from Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltics, North America and New Zealand. We offer goods on base DAF, FOB, CFR, CIF, FBY to all parts of the world and major parts , shipped by rail, truck/trailer, container or liner/charter vessel with proper handling and packaging in the quickest possible ways . The company is also cooperating with reliable representatives and supplier in many countries to the best satisfaction of the customers.
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